Saturday, November 14, 2009 - All Along The Watchtower: A Former Jehovah's Witness (That's Me) Gives A Guided Tour Of Watchtower Theology

I was actually on the radio!! Three years ago I became one of the 30,000 people per year to be disfellowshipped from the Jehovah's Witnesses. I share with the Lindsay Brooks of the radio program my journey and attempt to shed light on the teachings of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society along the way. Most people when asked what they know about the Jehovah's Witnesses might reply that they don't celebrate birthdays, Christmas or allow blood transfusion. Some may point to Michael Jackson's former days as a witness, or Venus & Serena William's membership, noting the morally conservative values and political neutrality of the group. Some may note with interest that Prince is one of 7 million Witnesses worldwide and reflects Watchtower theology in his lyrics. But what are the unique teachings of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society and, most importantly, what are the stakes of these teachings. Always being ready to give a reason for the hope that is within us means knowing what our neighbors believe. Since the Jehovah's Witnesses log over 1.3 billion hours per year going door to door, we have many opportunities to engage with this enigmatic group, to invite them in when they knock, to share the Gospel.Who is God? Is Jesus the Archangel Michael? What happens when we die? Who are the 144,000? Is the Logos God or "a god"? Lindsay Brooks explores these questions and more with myself.

HERE is the link to the summary, and here is the mp3.



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TulipWife said...

I just listened to your interview with Lindsay Brooks. Though I knew a little bit about their doctrine I was shocked with how and what they believe. Alot of things like, soul sleep, and that a person does not have a soul but is a living soul all reminds me of the same doctrines of the 7th day Adventist. My grandmother believes all this. Same thing with the day of the return of Christ..because he didn't show up..they believe something has happen in the heavenly sanctuary.(Its their excuse.) Anyways. Thank you for being out and open. I know that's kind of scary but being out and open will help others to leave when God opens their eyes to see the truth.