Sunday, January 17, 2010

Top Ten Burning Issues

The guys did a show on the Top Ten burning issues in the Church today.

1. Libertarian Freewill Vs. Determinism
2. Socialism Vs. Capitalism
3. The Home To Rome Movement Vs. The Reformation
4. The Historical Jesus Vs. The Christ of Faith
5. Pentecostalism Vs. The Cessationism
6. Theistic Evolution Vs. Creationism
7. Homosexual Clergy Vs. Traditional Roles
8. The Emergent Church Movement Vs. Evangelicalism
9. Universalism Vs. Exclusivism
10. Open Theism Vs. Christian Theism

I thought it might be cool to put my response and position to all of them.

1. Determinism
2. Capitalism
3. Reformation
4. The historical Jesus is the Christ of faith
5. Cautiously Cessationist
6. Creationism
7. Traditional Roles
8. Evangelicalism
9. Exclusivism
10. Christian Theism

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