Sunday, April 18, 2010

Satirical Hymn - The Wonderful Law of Moses

About 30 years after the death of Christ, Paul wrote a letter to the churches in the region of Galatia. The essential truth of justification by faith rather than by the works of the Mosaic law had been obscured by some insisting that believers in Christ must keep the law of Moses if they expected to be perfect before God. When Paul learned that this teaching had begun to penetrate the Galatian churches and that it had alienated them from their heritage of liberty, he wrote a passionate letter which contained very strong language. Paul says that these "Judaizers" were "accursed", "fallen from grace", and he wished them "castrated".

Today, this same spirit has infected many churches and people. Instead of fleeing to Christ, they flee to the Law and law keeping, which can only place on them an unbearable burden of guilt. Paul said that the law is "holy and righteous and good", but that it's purpose was to show us our sin and need for a Savior.

A few friends of mine and I were meditating on this subject, and we re-wrote a hymn to reflect our meditations. This hymn is satire, and not meant to be taken seriously. The purpose of this hymn is to show the foolishness of those who would seek to obey the law of Moses in an attempt to please God. That was never the purpose of the Law.

And now here are the Lyrics we came up with. If we had to name our band, we'd call ourselves, "Luther". Why Luther? For the reason that Luther took a very strong stance against Law keeping as a way to be right in God's eyes. In his words, "Go to the Jews with your Moses; I am no Jew. If I accept Moses in one respect, then I am obligated to keep the entire law. For not one little period in Moses pertains to us."

Wonderful Law of Moses
To the tune of Wonderful Grace of Jesus. (Click here for music)

Wonderful law of Moses, magnifies all my sin
How shall my tongue describe it, where shall it's praise begin,
Placing on me a burden, for all eternity,
For the wonderful law of Moses reaches me.

Wonderful the matchless law of Moses
Deeper than the mighty rolling sea
Higher than the mountains, sparkling like a fountain,
All condemning law to even me
Showing me the scope of my transgressions (show it!)
Heaping on me all my sin and shame,
O magnify the precious law of Moses,
Praise its name.

Wonderful law of Moses, source of my every boast,
By it I'm self exalting, pride to the uttermost,
Chains may be wrapped around me, shackled so gloriously,
For the wonderful law of Moses, Shackles me.


Wonderful law of Moses, making me most defiled,
By it's enslaving power, making me wrath's dear child,
Purchasing flames of fire, far as eye can see,
For the wonderful law of Moses, sure damns me!


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