Monday, June 21, 2010

The Silence of God

There is no greater anger than when God is silent, and talks not with us, but suffers us to go on in our sinful works, and to do all things according to our own passions and pleasure; as it has been with the Jews for the last fifteen hundred years.

Ah, God, punish, we pray thee, with pestilence and famine, and with what evil and sickness may be else on earth; but be not silent, Lord, towards us. God said to the Jews: “I have stretched forth my hand, and have cried, come hither and hear,” etc. “But ye said, We will not hear.”

Even so likewise do we now; we are weary of God’s Word; we will not have upright, good, and godly preachers and teachers that threaten us, and bring God’s Word pure and unfalsified before us, and condemn false doctrine, and truly warn us. No, such cannot we endure; we will not hear them, nay, we persecute and banish them; Therefore will God also punish us. Thus it goes with wicked and lost children, that will not hearken to their parents, nor be obedient unto them; they will afterwards be rejected of them again.

- Martin Luther, Table Talk LXXXIII

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