Monday, September 13, 2010

Witnessing to Witnesses Part 1

This is the first in a series called “Witnessing to Witnesses.”

What I am going to do over the while is showing you how to break the two weakest links in the chain that enslave the Witness at your door. Consider these two well placed, tactical nukes that will blow the Watchtower sky high. First we will have a few posts to deal with the Organization's claim to authority. Then we are going to discuss the Watchtower's Gospel and how to use it to share the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To understand, and to get into the mind of the witness who is at your door, it is necessary to know the absolute authority the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (known as the Society, or the Organization) has over their life. There is an incredibly strong loyalty to the Organization and it's leadership among Jehovah's Witnesses. Their devotion and loyalty towards this legal corporation is completely based upon the belief that the Watchtower Society is God's only channel of communication on earth – his visible earthly organization. The Witnesses believe that salvation can only be gained by a willing subjection to the Society. If you don't accept the authority of the Watchtower Society, it doesn't really matter what you believe, you can not be saved. The Society says that the bible can not be rightly interpreted outside of their guidance.

What I am going to do is show you how the Watchtower Society uses the bible and their history to establish their claim to authority, and how you can respond. Once the Organization has been taken out of the picture, a path is cleared to share the Gospel. Along the way, I will be giving you specific questions that need to be asked of the Witnesses as a result of the plain facts. Our discussion in this first section will focus on these areas:

  1. The History and Theology of Jehovah's Witnesses

  2. Chosen in 1919? Was Watchtower Society Really Faithful and Discreet?

  3. 1914 – The Cracked Foundation
  4. Practical Tips
  5. The Light Gets Brighter 


Anonymous said...

audio link?

Matthew said...

I posted the link under this post:

But here it is again....

James said...

Matthew, brilliant posts, all 7 of them so far. Thank you so much. In some of the later posts, you quote extensively from Watchtower Publications. Are you able to say whether your average JW will have access to these particular tracts/books? I'm thinking it would be useful to have hard copies to hand or even a printout of a PDF. I would imagine the watchtower society would have tried to recall whatever copies remain if they do indeed contain material that is so undermining.

Matthew said...

James, thanks so much for your kind words. As way of a response, all Witnesses also have computer software that gives them access to everything after 1960ish. Also, every Kingdom Hall I've ever been in has a Library of Watchtower publications. They all contain bound volumes of every Watchtower ever and all the publications. So yes, every Witness can check these things out for themselves by going to their local congregation library.

Anonymous said...