Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Witnessing to Witnesses Part 8

Getting in the head of a Jehovah's Witness

Here's a bit of an inside scoop on the Witness at your door. The Witnesses call proselytizing, "the field service", "the field ministry", "the ministry", or "service". So if I was to say, "I'm going out in service", that means I am going to go preaching. Every Witness is required to spend time each month proselytizing. The most well known way they proselytize is by going door to door. Every congregation is allotted a certain territory. This territory is then divided into neighborhoods. The goal is to go every house in the territory in a year.

Not answering the door when they come is also not the best thing. This is because they write down a list of all the houses that are not home. They then return up to three times to try to get someone home. These are called "not at homes'.

When literature is given to a person, the Witness is obligated to record any information about you he can. Address, what you talked about, topics for future discussions. These are called "return visits". Most of the time spent proselytizing is spent between doing "territory", "not at homes", and "return visits".
Saturdays are the days when most Witnesses go out. Most times before they go out, they meet up at the local congregation and discuss what the latest magazine is and how to offer it. They also spend two hours a week at their mid-week meeting dealing with how to present their literature to you, how to overcome your objections, and how to be better Watchtower peddlers. The goal of giving you magazines is to come back and give you more. The goal of coming back to give you more is to start a Bible study in their literature at your home, and eventually conversion. When they come to your door, try to keep them as long as possible. Most Witnesses are only spending two or three hours out. If you can keep them for an hour, that's an hour they are not talking to other people.

Remember, the Witness at your door is the one who thinks he has “the Truth” and he has all the answers. They think that you by virtue of the fact that your are a Christian are an apostate, and devoid of any insight into the Scriptures because insight only comes through the Organization. They already have a “I'm better then you” attitude. They are not looking to debate Christians. They are looking for people who are open and questioning their beliefs. So the primary method I would recommend is play the role of the student. Instead of arguing, make your arguments by way of questions. Be like the old Lt. Colombo, "I've got just one more question for you", "I'm just trying to understand this here." Also, avoid the areas they are expecting and ready for. Unless you know the Trinity well, and could defend it from Scripture, avoid it until you've read up and are prepared for it.

Anytime the Witness at your door makes an assertion, make sure you ask him for proof. When he quotes a scripture, look it up and glance at the context. Ask him to prove that the scripture says what he is claiming it says from the context.

With those guidelines, let's look at the message the Witness at your door is going to be giving.


Katoikei's Jukebox said...

Thank you so much for doing this series, Matt. I look forward to carefully reading and listening to the audio lecture (actually I am listening right now!)
Blessings in Jesus Christ our Lord.


Matthew said...

Thanks so much! There are two more posts coming in this series. Number 9 will be posted this afternoon, and 10 is forthcoming. After Sunday, the second Lecture will be put up.

I pray the Lord will use this to equip fellow servants of Christ to be able to proclaim his glorious Gospel of peace to the Witnesses at their door!