Friday, March 4, 2011

Calvin and Servetus

My good friend Mark posted some helpful facts from Bruce Gordon's biography of John Calvin in regards to the Servetus affair.  Even though Bruce Gordon is quite critical of Calvin in other areas, he clears his reputation in the Servetus affair. This post is very important for clearing Calvin's name both inside and outside the Church.  Inside the Church there are Arminian's like David Hunt writing books with second rate research that blame Calvin for Servetus execution, and use this as the basis for their rejection of Calvin's theology.  Of more interest to me is the recent Watchtower article on Calvinism, which on the whole was quite charitable for a Watchtower article.  Predictably, they look to Servetus as a martyr and Calvin as a villain. They do so because Servetus, like the Watchtower, denied the Trinity.  I highly recommend the reading of this post.

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